Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate curriculum, leading to a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physics, is designed to give students a broad awareness of the fundamental principles of physics, as well as an introduction to the techniques of physics research; the primary aim of the program is to prepare the student for advanced study. Specialized courses, however, are available to train graduates for jobs in industry or governmental laboratories. Physics is also an excellent choice for the pre-medical student. Those wishing to minor in Physics can check the requirements for a minor in Physics.

For students interested in interdisciplinary fields involving physics, it is suggested that the physics curriculum be followed with all electives taken in the other field of interest. Some interdisciplinary fields are listed with the appropriate elective field in the parenthesis: astrophysics (astronomy), geophysics (geology), materials science (chemistry and engineering), biophysics (microbiology), mathematical physics (mathematics), solid state (chemistry and engineering).

More information can be found at the COES website.